About us

Dr Rob McLeod

I have been in practice on the Coast for over 21 years providing the best available care for my clients

I have a BSc phys. from Auckland University and a BSc Chiropractic from NZCC. I was always interested in the techniques that were the most helpful and in line with the latest understandings of human physiology. What excites me most now in everyday practice are the techniques I have personally developed and use daily to help people of all ages – not only while they’re here but also applying them to their everyday life.

My clients include  people of all ages, celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes.

McLeod (Reception)

I’m married to Rob and have been working behind the scenes and at reception for the past 12 years. Previous to that I lived in Barcelona for eight years and on my return to NZ taught Spanish and Music at a local secondary school.

Knowing many of our clients and their families over many years has built in a special relationship and the atmosphere in reception is always light and friendly! I love seeing the transformation of people who are under care with Rob. 

Behind the scenes I see how committed he is to be up with the latest research and living well. Rob is a keen cyclist and I am out every day doing some combination of walk/jog/run.

To make an appointment with Rob I am the person to talk to!